Broadcast 7/2016

[clicks on news]


fast & furious franchise fanatic drifts small home through crowd in trance,
then gets off pumping trigger into crazed herd.

through pale lens africa veiled
in gunpowder & ivory smoke,
whaling like empty graveyard.


ass implants take more & more lives

ramen claims throne as prison’s king currency;
loosies in less demand amongst starved & brittle.

sewer rat hits lottery;
promises half to church,
“for he bestoweth his blessings upon thee!”
congregation balloons.

cassius transitions before tubman bills arrive.
new mtv series announced;
hidden cameras set to capture
bigots across country handling bills like
dirty condoms & discarded tampons.

akron thoroughbred carries cavaliers to title.
inner racial divide billows & breaks;
root returns to favor.

dark man gunned down by refitted army grunt;
centuries later still fuel for the fire!

in several cities throughout u.s. blacks stand, whispering, in the streets.
ape figures out rifle & shoots pig.
then more & more pigs.
dreaming about christmas dinner on the south-side,
‘til robot sneaks up & splatters dream over parked car.

trump cruises toward america’s oval office
sporting camo trucker hat, budweiser firm in hand.

mexico deliberates defenses pending election.

many blacks indifferent;
“black man’s president now &
everyday niggas is chalked out on the street.”

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