A Clumsy Rant


this poem is repetitive
soul with two left feet
backward, downside-up, outside-in
third eye’s bullet
acidic 90 mph journey under voodoo child’s spell
beltless 110 mph collision watched from inside

this poem is nuisance
can i touch your hair?
can i touch your hair?
can i touch your hair?
incessantly for years

this poem is negro petting zoo, come!
watch me jump!
watch me run!
watch me shoot!

this poem is national news
nightly entertainment
shoot first, shoot always
you sprawled out in sand
cousin sprawled out on pavement

this poem is candles on harlem st
candles in grove hall
candles at ashmont
echo of grandmother’s last breath
her lingering scent
mother’s ceaseless trembling

this poem is personal
glass between vacant-eyed woman begging for change & you
margin man unconscious on the sidewalk midday downtown
occupied doorways
occupied doorways
occupied doorways
metropolitan cardboard tenements
trash in your gutters

this poem is public education
pledge of allegiance to an empirical flag
steel that crumbles like trust
felonious uncle sam raping & pillaging
our mind

this poem is the sacrificial lamb
nails through the hands of kin
love-stained crucifix

this poem is nothing
wave abandoning shore
solar-lunar feud
street corner gospel

divine word

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